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Jesmonite restoration

Broke your Jesmonite? Don't worry. We offer a one-time repair to all our Jesmonite products. Thanks to the eco-friendly components, we can restore broken pieces back to its original shape.

KINDLY NOTE - Restored pieces will not be exactly the same as the past.

Jesmonite restoration

1. Take a photo of the broken pieces and email us at
2. We will discuss on your design preferences and you will be charged for the shipping fees to get it delivered back to you. Read more about shipping fees here.
3. Mail to us your broken pieces. Postage will be borne by you.
4. We will do the restoration in about 2-3 days and will arrange for delivery once it is ready.

Get a $5 voucher instead
Alternatively, you may choose not to get back the restored pieces and get a $5 voucher for your next online purchase with us. Restored pieces will be put on sale again. Note: broken pieces need to be mailed to us before you can get the voucher.